Learn about Converting to PTC Subscription

Thinking about switching to subscription? There is no better time than now!

  • Save big on your subscription licenses when you trade in your perpetual licenses. Lock in your discounted subscription rate for as long as you renew.
  • Subscribers have the flexibility to change their license mix to eliminate shelfware and capitalize on new products across the PTC portfolio.
  • Access to eSupport and eLearning, which maximizes the value of your licenses by enhancing your skills and keeping you up and running.
  • Not ready to go all in? Trade only some of your licenses to give subscription a try and keep your remaining licenses on support. The choice is yours!

Act fast! Switch to subscription and find out Why Customers Prefer to Subscribe.

Whether you’re new to PTC, interested in making the switch, or simply have a question about PTC Subscription, we’re here to help!

Please complete the form for questions related to PTC Subscription and a PTC representative will contact you within 24 hours.

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